How to set up a GMail filter so you won't miss Moodle messages

The following are steps to configure GMail so that messages from Moodle do not get mistakenly categorized as "Promotion". 

  1. Go to the main GMail page
  2. Click "Settings" (the gear symbol)
  3. Select Settings from the drop-down box
  4. Click the "filters" tab on the top
  5. Click "Create a new filter"
  6. Specify the filter
    1. use the following to specify messages from Moodle:
      Google GMail filter specification
  7. Click "Create filter with this search"
  8. Check "Categorize as"
  9. Click "Personal" or "Forum" if you have that tab enabled.
  10. Check "Also apply filter to ? matching conversations." if the checkbox appears
  11. Click "Create filter"
Last modified: Thursday, August 28, 2014, 8:17 AM