This course examines human development across the lifespan, from conception through death.

Wordle of course student learning outcomes

This course introduces the science of child psychology through the analysis of developmental theories and research. Key developmental events across the main domains in developmental psychology (physical, cognitive, socio-emotional) are examined from conception through adolescence. Questions about development are investigated, with an emphasis on the role of the scientific method. Typical and atypical psychological development research is explored as well as the influences of culture, society, family, and physical environments on children’s behavior and mental processes. This course provides a scientific foundation for future studies in social sciences, including psychology.

Wordle of Course Student Learning Outcomes

For psychology majors, behavioral science majors and other students who desire a broad overview of the general principles of psychology. Topics include the scientific method, statistics, biological determinants and general processes of behavior such as development, learning, verbal behavior, intelligence, perception, motivation, emotion, personality, and mental health. See Psychology 305 (.pdf) for alternative course.