This course provides an introduction to network-based and Internet-based security applications and standards. Topics include cryptography, security protocols, network security applications, encryption, hash functions, digital signatures, viruses and key exchange. Some experience and/or courses in networking is recommended prior to taking this course.

As organizations increasingly come to rely on Windows-based networks, it is essential that system administrators have a complete understanding of the security models integral to Windows Server and Workstation. This course will provide in-depth explanations of operating system security features as well as step-by-step configuration guides for proper operating system configuration. It also provides the knowledge and skills students will need to know in order to maintain the integrity, authenticity, availability and privacy of data.

This course provides the fundamental knowledge needed to analyze risks to the system and implement a workable security policy that protects information assets from potential intrusion, damage, or theft. Students will learn which countermeasures to deploy to thwart potential attacks. This course will also prepare students for CompTIA's Security+ Exam.